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Hello. I thought I would take a moment to say what a beautiful day we all had yesterday at the wedding of Chrissie and Steve. The bride looked absolutely gorgeous in a full length cream gown and green wrap. During the ceremony they were so sweet and loved up it was truly beautiful to see. Matt did very well getting to the church on time as since I was bridesmaid he was in control of the kids. I shall always remember as we walked down the aisle seeing Matt keeping order with the boys and their toys spread out all over the pew, him holding Sophie and her bottle whilst taking photos and maintaining an aura of calm. Let it never be said men can’t multi task. After a traditional service and photos on the stray we headed down to the Crown hotel where reception was held in the newly redecorated ball. The only problem was that it was non smoking so for a lot of the evening half the guests spent their time on the fire escape instead of being inside dancing. A sign of things to come I suppose with the new smoking laws looming in on us. Today was spent chilling while matt headed to Headingly to watch the cricket. Wishing a happy Monday to all. Ciao.

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