Today we awoke with a sense of excitement. We were booked on the 10.50 Ryanair flight to Dublin. 10 mins later after a phone call from my Dad we switched on the news to hear the chaos that was happening in airports over the country as security measures were raised to critical (the highest). 21 people had been arrested on suspected terrorist charges for planning to blow up a number of American bound flights from Heathrow. Passengers were instructed that there was to be no hand baggage other then wallet, prescription drugs and baby essentials to be carried on board in a clear plastic bag. As we were flying from Leeds Bradford which is relatively far from the London airports we thought we would be ok. Apart from having to remove shoes for security checks and the airport being slightly busier then normal all seemed to be going according to plan. Then all of a sudden it was announced that our flight was cancelled as were all the Ryanair flights across the country. Luckily we had the car so after a bit of thinking and a lot of ringing around we procured one of the last three tickets for the Holyhead Dublin ferry departing at 02.30 tomorrow morning. We were fortunate to have that option and now I am sat at Matt’s cousins while the kids play outside on the trampoline content in the knowledge we are still going on holiday. Many people have had their holidays ruined. A time out that they have looked forward to ages only to be ruined because some people cant understand that not everyone has to be the same and think the same to be happy and create a positive wonderful and unified world.

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