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After the morning at the locks on Sunday morning, I popped home and geared up for the gig at the Slug. Technical hitchery, staggered the start till about 8.30 but when it kicked off it was an instant two thumbs fresh. J.Fredericks on the decks again – what a treat to play alongside his tunes. DJ Dharma came on after that – superb set from him as well. Classic house. Practically the whole place was up and dancing, atmosphere was electric..
Then a fuse went. Scramble, diagnostics, screwdriver, change. How can you have a doo when the music goes off?
Back into it for the rest of the night. Then the tills went off. Major problemo on the till system rendered the bar chaos for a while.
After the gig, went into the packed but lifeless revolution for a bit. Not long. Ended up at a party at my cousins house till wrong O’Clock in the morning.

Spent Monday recovering, had a game of street cricket with the boys and a neighbours kid which was great fun.

Mucho’s mucho’s fun weekender all in all. I love Bank Holidays.

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