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The war between google and yahoo has allways been interesting to watch from the touchline. For the consumer, it’s good because both still know that they have got to provide a predominantly free service yet entice users to their brand by bringing out better stuff. As far as search goes, I’d say google is the best, and what with recent incredible forays into things like mapping (google earth is a must see if you’ve not done so yet) as well as blogger and voip stuff they’ve been into recently, google were looking pretty cool.

Yahoo however have a very big gun – flickr. This has shot out of no where in the last year or so to be one of the biggest things on the net. Yesterday they launched flickr mapping – where you can tag your photos with geo data – effectively you can take a big map of the world and stick pins into place you have taken photos. I feel the resolution could be better (it’s just not google earth yet) but non the less, it’s an incredible new section to what is already probably my favorite website around at the moment. I hope they develop the idea further – make each flickr map interactive with other users maps(scratch that – they have done – it’s incredible!) and make it so that it dosen’t change it’s mind where you have been depending on what scale you are looking at it on..

Flickr: Explore my geotagged photos on a Map

Quote from the flickr blog“When we were doing our projections for how many photos Flickr members would geotag, we though that we’d hit a million in the first month, maybe even as fast as two weeks. Instead, 24 hours in, there were 1,234,384 geotagged photos (and now more than 1.6 million geotagged photos as I write this, about 9 hours later). Crazy!”

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