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T MINUS 3 DAYS: FIRE 3rd Birthday PartyClick this for more info Brand new – FIRE – 3 years in the makingA preview…

Friday afternoon pub lunch at the Cross Keys in East Marton

Friday afternoon pub lunch at the Cross Keys in East Marton, originally uploaded by DragonDrop. This is the life. Just to my left is a spectacular view of a valley and the canal. Just to my right is a pub selling copper dragon bitter (as pictured) and green curry (in the pan, being cooked for us)

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Had a great weekend. About 15 of us went way up north for Tinana’s birthday gathering – Berwick area in Northumberland. Budle Bay to be more precise. Nearly killed myself on Friday night after I decided to go for a moonlit walk across the mud flats, got to the waters edge and noticed that the tide was silently coming in… Read more →

Strawberry Fields café bar restaurant

Strawberry Fields café bar restaurant, originally uploaded by DragonDrop. Sat in a café in gisburn near clitheroe. Listening in to old ladies conversations. Top sport fascinating. Ordered liver and tatties. I am so easily pleased.

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Thanks to Martin W for sending this in – spotted in Brighton.. You can buy your tokens from me, and I’ll look after your shoes for you.

Mike Teevee

Mike Teevee, originally uploaded by DragonDrop. Don’t ask me why I chose this image as the lead pic for the set of FIRE 34 photos – I didn’t even take it. I like it though – looks like Mike Teevee from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory… anyway.. What a stormer of a night. Superb atmosphere, all 5 DJ’s did incredible… Read more →