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Had a great weekend. About 15 of us went way up north for Tinana’s birthday gathering – Berwick area in Northumberland. Budle Bay to be more precise. Nearly killed myself on Friday night after I decided to go for a moonlit walk across the mud flats, got to the waters edge and noticed that the tide was silently coming in at a brisk walking pace. I’d heard that there was quick sand out there but my plan was to walk out, first sign of danger, follow my footsteps back. Lost sight of my footsteps due to encroaching tide so headed off on a new bearing for the closest bit of solid ground I could see. Got there OK but I was lucky not to get caught out.

Saturday – superb weather – played cricket, ate and drank. Saturday night, party which was ace. Sunday morning big stroll (on terra firma for most of it although I did get carried away and waded to the other side of a river). Went to Bamburgh. The castle there is fantastic – where they filmed some of the external stuff for Hogwarts in Harry Potter. Stunning. (got some photos – to follow – battery pack has packed up on my laptop at home) Spent sundown on the beach and in the dunes in Bamburgh, listening to England beat Pakistan in the ODI cricket. Cruised home. Nice.

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