Mike Teevee

Mike Teevee, originally uploaded by DragonDrop.

Don’t ask me why I chose this image as the lead pic for the set of FIRE 34 photos – I didn’t even take it. I like it though – looks like Mike Teevee from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory… anyway..

What a stormer of a night. Superb atmosphere, all 5 DJ’s did incredible sets – Cloudbass did a whole new slant – took it quite hard edge for early doors but set the vibe right. Mike H’s set was stunning, tingly hairs sticking up on the back of my neck type stuff – loved it. Into Dharma who opened with 2001 space oddisy which I love drumming to into Mr Scruff – complete flip on it’s head musically – the crowd loved it. Mr N Jacques came in electro and bootsy, some of his tunes took a complete unexpected jack knife half way through – a top set. Dissident had the crowd eating out of the palm of his pandies. A large Slovak following (as well as Polish, Italian, Czech… ) helped dissident celebrate his birthday in style.

Great feedback on the new venue – regulars and FIRE virgins alike all said it felt great there. Knocked it on the head at about 5am.. Walked home with some Native staff, no hard feelings from either camp! Top stuff – best bet would be to bally well subscribe to the mailing list and stay tooned for next event detailia.

Also see – McParty’s review – he lists last night FIRE as one of the hilights of his summer!


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