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Tintagel, originally uploaded by DragonDrop. Tintagel Island. Cornwall. Amazing place.

Glastonbury Tor

Glastonbury Tor, originally uploaded by DragonDrop. Up the top of Glastonbury Tor. The view from here is incredible. 360 deg panorama, at least 20 miles in every direction. Superb warm sunny day, its around 19deg C or more. Think were going to chill for a bit here thn find some food.

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At first light today we set off on a bearing of South West. 2 stops and about 5 hours later we arrived at a beautiful little 17th Century cottage near the village of Oake in Somerset. Exposed beams, inglenook fire, cob wall construction… a gem of a place hidden away in the epitemy of backwater.Met the owners, really welcoming family…. Read more →

Mixed bag

Mixed bag weekend due to the terrible show from the English bid to get anywhere in the cricket. Quite a good day non the less, it was a friends birthday and he’d asked a few cricket heads to share his special day whilst watching the match. Bloody Marys for breakfast set the tone. After the cricket, we had a game… Read more →


flinters, originally uploaded by DragonDrop. 6 of us are watching england v australia on the telly. Not the best performance I’ve seen. Got it all to play for.

White Lion, Earby

White Lion, Earby, originally uploaded by DragonDrop. Sat in the White Lion, Earby. It’s only just opened (about a week ago). Poor first impression after being served a very flat pint of beer flavoured water that was supposed to be Black Sheep. Sent that back to the tune of a bit of chunter from the barman! Next I attempted to… Read more →

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Found my keys by the way. Lost my phone yesterday though. Luckily it is indeed exactly where I thought it was – In a cafe we frequented in Skipton yesterday. Got a snapped arial replaced on my car. A lazy way to keep yourself entertained in a car by comparison to podcasts. Still – at least I’ve got the choice… Read more →

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Sat in biz class lounge, Edinburgh airport (good) think I may have left my car keys in last nights hotel (bad). They may be in the bag I checked in. I seem to remember seeing them on the floor and thinking – ooh – I must pick them up, can’t remember if I did or not. Do I take advantage… Read more →

Fourth Bridge

Fourth Bridge, originally uploaded by DragonDrop. Got flown up to Dunfermline, Scotland yesterday for some work related activity. This was the view from the taxi whilst crossing the Fourth Road Bridge. Last week I randomly texted my mate from a pub to see if he was playing out / what he was up to “I’m just crossing the Fourth Road… Read more →


splat, originally uploaded by DragonDrop. Having a splatty day under fluffy blanket doing not much more than eating and telly watching. Played a gig for a magazine / website launch ( last night. Full power 12 hour. Good gig, fun to play with Len Bassey and Jonnie Frederics, Matty B. Dharma & Dissident. Blacked out windows, stonking pa. Large. Ended… Read more →

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You wait 2 months for someone to send a DD shirt shot in the two come along all at once…Here is Fi in NYC in a rather splendid DD Adventure shirt. She’s the latest to become a DragonDroplet – agent of Adventure. More shirt shots here