Mixed bag

Mixed bag weekend due to the terrible show from the English bid to get anywhere in the cricket. Quite a good day non the less, it was a friends birthday and he’d asked a few cricket heads to share his special day whilst watching the match. Bloody Marys for breakfast set the tone. After the cricket, we had a game of frisbee then went to the pub for a bit. Ended up at an impromptu party.

Sunday was Felix’s special birthday treat day (his b’day is Tuesday) – he’d decided he wanted to go to the forbidden corner. Along came his best friend and family. It rained when we got there which was ace because I got to try out the full storm shield of our new baby back pack. Superbly designed product, it’s even got a rear view mirror to check on how baby is (this was the key sales feature for me). So – forbidden corner – if you’ve not been before it’s well worth a visit. Optical illusions, mazes, secret tunnels, wierdness, strange things and such like. Photos to follow.

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