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It’s the second Adventure shirt shot from Greece – making it officially the joint top most adventurised DragonDrop shirt destination of all time. Here is Simon, with a rather bizarre look on his chops. What was he thinking?More shirt shots here

Earby green chippy

Earby green chippy, originally uploaded by DragonDrop. After extensive research, I’ve decided that the green fish and chip shop in Earby (pictured above) is superior to the red one. This was the scene shortly after I asked for fish chips and mushy peas. Top nosh. Last nights curry was spot on by the way.

Hurry me a curry

Hurry me a curry, originally uploaded by DragonDrop. Sat in Ali Raj tandoori waiting for them to give me our takeaway dinner.. These chaps pictured are tucking into a load of top smelling nosebag and are making me super hungry. Pint of draft cobra not as good as I remembered but I don’t honestly think I’ve approached one sober before…. Read more →


strobe, originally uploaded by DragonDrop. This is a shot from last night – an effect on the light system called ‘BLINDER’ did what it said on the tin. Very fast pulse strobe, superb for photos. Didn’t take that many photos really – to busy enjoying myself. Normally I bez round / photos / drumming / technicalities / etc so much… Read more →