strobe, originally uploaded by DragonDrop.

This is a shot from last night – an effect on the light system called ‘BLINDER’ did what it said on the tin. Very fast pulse strobe, superb for photos.

Didn’t take that many photos really – to busy enjoying myself. Normally I bez round / photos / drumming / technicalities / etc so much at FIRE I rarely get chance to sit and chat or dance or anything and what with it being the 3rd Birthday and all, I decided to let myself chill and enjoy! Top night, thanks to everyone who came and showed support, top stuff.

Ended up at a friends house drinking strong coffee for some reason till about 5. tisk. Big fry up and Guinness at the Blues Bar smoothed things over, broke down the gig, then came into work.

Ace weekend all round really, Friday was at a spectacular party up at Frasers shed, 2 bands, 3 DJ’s loudness, drums, fires the works. Wedding on Saturday (I was the photographer and a member of the congregation) Sunday went to Bolton abbey. Wandered around in the Wharfe for a bit before setting up for FIRE. Cor blimey. Needs some rest now.

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