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Great week away. The first outing was to see what is reportedly one of the best panoramic views in the country – from the top of Glastonbury Tor. We were not disappointed. A stunning view.
On Monday we set off to the Eden Project. It’s the furthest point we got to on our 1200 mile round trip journey and it was certainly worth the drive. The simulated tropical rainforest there in the biorbs was without doubt the highlight for me. Bang, a wall of heat and humidity, tropical vegetation and a small village leading up to a mid tree level walk with a waterfall and up into the canopy. Great time of year to visit – we had the whole place almost to ourselves.
After that we drove to Tintagel, and got some sleep in a B&B. After a hearty fry up we set off on a walk to explore Tintagel Island. The island is steeped with King Arthur, Knights of the Round Table and Merlin legend. Again, we had the whole place to ourselves. You could feel the history of the place. A strategically impenetrable place it must have been. Top spot. From there we drove up to Glastonbury, as we’d bought tickets for a Halloween party in Chalice Gardens. Nice time was had by all.
A day of rest ensued, followed by a trip out to Cheddar Gorge where we set about a hike around the top rim of said gorge. Stunning views. The boys did really well – some fairly hefty inclines at times.
Sadly home time came around all too quickly. We punctuated the journey with a stop off a Kenilworth Castle in the West Midlands though which was cool. Elizabeth the first did hang out here for a while so I’m told.

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