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A great year I think for me.

Had a top Christmas. Got some superb prezzies including a hip flask, a luger telescope and a new bag.
Spent the day cooking. I was at the kitchen stumps for a massive 7 hours getting our 11.5lb goose and all the bits ready.

Boxing Day saw in a bit of disk golf then pub followed by a bit of a snooze then watched the cricket from the MCG. Enough said about that. Shane Warne’s 700th wicket (even though it was one of ours) was worth a watch though.

27th – we all went to a party at a Tinanana’s house. Got clover back on the road as our mobile spare room.

The 28th – another party, in Knaresborough where we got a huge fire together in the back garden and I got to set off a HUGE fireworks display. Interesting fog meets fireworks viewing – was too busy to take pics of it though.

29th – went out for a great curry at Raj Put – blimey that place has gone up and up massively in my estimation! FANTASTIC curry, great varied and interesting menu. Barnez was dish I went for if memory serves me correctly. After that Simon B (who’d also had top curry) and I went to the Iron Duke to check out the mighty mighty Bass Culture Sound System who were on top form, Reggae, Dub and roots through a very fresh 3k sound system. Pint on top of a bucket of curry made is bloat like fat belly porkers. Decided to go for a stroll to another pub for a bit, got caught in torrential rain, went to the Rat for one then back to the Duke. Top night, loads of people out that I’ve not seen for ages.

Think we are off out for a walk at some point today… chill night tonight, ready for a proper large full power 24 hour no shower type NYE.

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