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Pogged. Eaten so much and chilled to the max over the past couple of days. Spent a whole bunch of time chillaxing, which is what I'm doing now. Sophies come for her mid day nap at the moment so we're kicking back in our room (the wee'ns have a joining room). Done nowt but eat, drink, read, watch films, swim… Read more →

Field blogging

I'm sat here trying out my Christmas prezzy : a wireless bluetooth keyboard for my phone. It's ace. Blogging from the field. Hopefully there should be a photo with this post featuring the boys with a few of their toys they got. Jaygo has got a blue mouth because Santa in his wisdom got Jay some joke 'blue mouth sweets'… Read more →

We’re in Dublin

We’re all in Dublin at the moment. We’ve come over for Christmas. Came over on the worlds largest car ferry called the Ulysses. I blagged us an upgrade – nice lounge, free wine (gutted that I had to drive when we got to Dublin) and food. We’re currently at Eirene’s dad’s (a regular reader.. hello!). Today we went shopping in… Read more →

no title

little yellow person I’ve just won an award for this photo! In the Nokia Creative N95 photo awards November 2007, this got the Best moment accolade. Click here to visit the award page and see the other best photo category photos.

No stop

Non stop weekend has just been had after a fairly chilled week last week.Friday night was party night. Went to a friends house – there were a bunch of lovely people there and we all had much fun. The next day I conscripted a bunch of said party goers to help me move my office from it’s town based location… Read more →


In the continuing theme of my 365 day project, here’s the potted highlights of the last few days; (it’s been a fairly chilled few days..) On Friday I went out for a Chinese in Skipton with some colleagues. On Saturday, we slobbed about then went to a friends birthday bash. This was nice. Good food, good wine, good company. Can’t… Read more →


I’ve been doing this project now for the past 72 days where I take a photo of something “I like”, every day. It’s been quite interesting so far. As 36 is a neat 6 x 6 and I’ve got 2 of those, I thought I’d stick ’em on dragondrop.

over £500

YES!!I’ts over the £500 marker! Big thanks to Adam W for the £40 and to Mike G for pushing me over the £500 marker – and thanks again to everyone who’s chipped in. For those that have promised and have not yet dug deep – now is the time. Nudge! So Today I’m Frank Zappa. The legendary psychedelic muso who… Read more →


The Mo is now worth £457 and has 73 owners. Marvelous. Thanks to everyone who’s chipped in for the very worth cause so far. It’s going to be sad at the end of the month when it’s all over, but at least I’ll know I’ve done something good 🙂 Great weekend. Friday – fairly chilled one – stayed in and… Read more →


Mogress, originally uploaded by DragonDrop. For those who’ve been asking – here is an update of how my Mo is doing.

over £400

My moustache has now raised over £400. I think there are some cheques clearing at the charity HQ as well so it could be more than that. Current sponsor tally is 68 We (Moustache and I) are very pleased. Special thanks to Ed this morning for the 50 Euro donation. So I’m sitting in bed, pottering on with bits of… Read more →

Here it is..

So a load of my moustaches sponsors, of which there are now 59 have been hassling me for a look at their tash. Well – here it is. I was holding out until I had something I could hold my head up high and say yes, that’s a tash ladies and gentlemen. (Still work in progress though – only 12… Read more →