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Science, originally uploaded by DragonDrop. Back from London now and having a terrible morning at work. Here is an autostitch from a bunch of photos I took at the Science museum that I’m quite happy with.

Back on a train

Back on a train, originally uploaded by DragonDrop. Splendid weekend has been had. Just been discussing the highlights with Jay which definitly included seeing The Polar Express 3D at the IMAX in the british science museum.

From first class to coach class

From first class to coach class, originally uploaded by DragonDrop. GNER have deposited us on a coach as their engineers are working on the line between here and Newark. We got the front seats though.


snowdrops, originally uploaded by DragonDrop. A bit early for snowdrops? Nice to see season fleur anyway. Perhaps they are up a bit early? (Last year I took photos of snowdrops on Feb 13th) Just took this shot outside a fantastic gastro pub called The Bull Inn on the A59 near Broughton (nr Skipton). I had Venison. Perfection.


Spent most of the weekend so far playing on our Nintendo wii. Won on Ebay Thursday night, drove to Blackburn to get it on Friday afternoon then had a couple of meetings back in Harrogate before a thorough session. It’s very cool. The wii sports golf is a fave.Had a wii party last night, bunch of people came round and… Read more →

wii golf

wii golf, originally uploaded by DragonDrop. The Nintendo Wii golf game in action. This new console rocks. I can’t wait to get one (was lucky enough to have a friend bring one round last night) I can’t wait to play the cricket game on it. 22 motion sensors turn the wiimote control into a golf club, a boxing glove, a… Read more →

Harlow Carr Gardens

Harlow Carr Gardens, originally uploaded by DragonDrop. Went for a nice walk around Harlow Carr Gardens today with some friends. Even in the depths of winter that place is fascinating. This shot was taken using my phones auto stitch panorama thingy.