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Richmond, originally uploaded by DragonDrop. Went for a visit up to Richmond today. I used to live here till I was about 12. Really nice going back for a visit and a walk and a point out of the old haunts.

Loaf of bread pub

Loaf of bread pub, originally uploaded by DragonDrop. Back in an ‘old’ lunchtime fave the Black Lane Ends pub. Steak on its way. Tip top.

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A bit of silly fun…A face recognition thingy – may try it with a better photo of me but you stick a photo of yourself at the site and it ‘matches’ it to celebs.Miles out but quite funny:

Sugar numbers

Sugar numbers, originally uploaded by DragonDrop. Here’s one for you.. Sat in a café for my lunch today and I noticed that the sugar sachets were all individually numbered. Why would Tate & Lyle do such a thing??

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Had a splendid NYE. A big bunch of us met up and went out for eats early doors at a Chinese. After that we avoided the armature drinkers that are synonymous with new years eve and headed up to an old friends house. Their kids were away so ours occupied their kids rooms. Lovely time – just a small bunch… Read more →