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Gee raff

Baby Giraffe!For the past few weeks I’ve been following the progress of a pregnant giraffe. My friend has been installing a load of multi media / AV gear up at Flamingo Land including a life stream webcam from the giraffe house. Last night at around 8pm the mother gave birth. Bit of a tricky one – she immediately got freaked… Read more →


John P is the latest adventurer to join the world famous “DragonDrop Adventure Shirt shot” club with this from Brazil:Click here to visit the shirt shot gallery. Obrigado John!


Happy, originally uploaded by DragonDrop. Popped over to Dublin for the weekend to see relatives. Started the weekend far too early on Saturday after a bit of a heavy night out (Eirene had gone out earlier than me). I bumped into a load of friends / staff and regulars from the Blues Bar who were all going to Dublin as… Read more →

Sophie drums

Sophie drums, originally uploaded by DragonDrop. Smashing weekend. After the blues (as pictured below) we went to our first bbq of the year. The Saturday night, we stopped in and had some friends over. I lit the fire bin in the back yard – another first for the year. Sunday was the big one for us – Newby Hall. A… Read more →

Harrogate Beach

Harrogate Beach, originally uploaded by DragonDrop. Sat outside the blues on a superb sunny warm day. Supernice. Just been for a suit fitting for my best man for duties for Simon B. Chatting about impnding stag doo in Ibiza.


Penguins!, originally uploaded by DragonDrop. Here we see my boys dressed up as penguins. It’s their costume for a part in the Newby Hall Easter Fun Day woodland treasure hunt this Sunday. Press photo call later today.. (thought I’d get in before the local newspaper did!)