Sophie is 1

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What a weekend. Sophie had her first birthday. Pictured here with one of those expanding ball things that she finds most amusing.

We planned to have a bbq – spent the morning chopping wood (with my JCB) and getting the back yard ready which involved tip runs and very needed back yard spring clean..
just before everyone arrived
I’d invited a load of people, Eirene had invited a load of people and we invited more than we thought would turn up, but, everyone thought – yea – a BBQ at Matt and Eirene’s what a top idea! at one point it was bedlam! the back street awash with the bigger kids, the whole house full with middly and littlies, the back yard, kitchen, dining room etc – standing room only. Luckily I’d had the foresight last year to build a brick barricade in the form of a barbecue to hide behind.
The day went on, and bar a freaked out (pet) rat biting a kids finger (ouch) it went without a hitch.
Thankfully the kids were very ready for bed by the time it came and we got to eat, drink and be merry. Lit the fire bin at dusk and talked bobbins deep into the night….
at the end of the day
A very needed R&R day was had by all yesterday. Planted some chili seeds, tidied up and got a new kettle.
Muchos fun all round. Thanks to everyone who came, everyone who helped especially the cake makers, Tinananan and last but not least paintMonkey who’s helped out massive loads and hopefully won’t mind me blogging his 2 montage pics above!

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