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Popped over to Dublin for the weekend to see relatives. Started the weekend far too early on Saturday after a bit of a heavy night out (Eirene had gone out earlier than me). I bumped into a load of friends / staff and regulars from the Blues Bar who were all going to Dublin as well for a stag do. 0830 and it was beer o’clock..

Got to Dublin, had a quick pint with them then caught up with the family before heading out to Jury’s hotel in Dublin where we used their pool. Superb – we had the whole thing to ourselves for about 2 hours. This was the highlight of the weekend as it turned out. A gorgeous day, heated pool and Jacuzzi and we all had such a great time. I took loads of photos with my underwater camera and have stuck about 30 of them in a set on my flickr page.

On the Sunday we went out for a massive feed and caught up with a load more relatives. Had a nightmare journey back to do with bags – Eirene had overpacked the case so I had to go and buy a new case at airport double rip off prices, this case broke and the bloke in the shop back in Dublin was being very stand offish about the whole thing. Anyway – all sorted after a couple of phone calls from my legendary father in law who got a full refund out of them!

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