Sophie drums

Sophie drums, originally uploaded by DragonDrop.

Smashing weekend. After the blues (as pictured below) we went to our first bbq of the year. The Saturday night, we stopped in and had some friends over. I lit the fire bin in the back yard – another first for the year. Sunday was the big one for us – Newby Hall. A major operation of set design costume creation, logistics and planning had gone into the day. My part was to run some drum workshops. A marqee was set up full of percussion toys and drums, beaters and shakers etc. I did 4 workshops in total, some were total carnage some were really good. Put a smile on some peoples faces anyway. We’ve not got the figures back yet but we think about 5000 people came through. All the characters were great – a new plot line this year which worked out. After that I went round to a frends house to watch the second innings of England v Australia at the cricket. We lost. Ahh well. Today a lazy day, but of a fry up and then maybe a visit to the pub.

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