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Tyne Tunnel

Tyne Tunnel, originally uploaded by DragonDrop. Just driven up to the land of the Scots. Now sat at Edinburgh airport waiting for some friends.

We’re on a boat…

On a boat…, originally uploaded by DragonDrop. Sister boat to the one pictured (half the wedding party on each) fantastic seremony followed by 7 course meal followed by a blast around ibiza in these 500hp monsters! Yee yaa!

Nice pad

Nice pad, originally uploaded by DragonDrop. Arrived late last night to a nice hotel. We’ve* come over to Ibiza to go to a wedding. All lovely so far. Pool’s nice, beach only 1 mins walk breakfast was superb (continental / feb’s and co-co pops). Weather report looks top tastico for the duration 🙂 *24 of us incl. Sophie, Eirene and… Read more →


THIS is the future. Check out this ‘Jaw Dropping’ demo of Seadragon and Photosynth Thanks to CMK for the heads up on this. Sat at work way early. Planned to get in for 7. Due to the A59 being blocked, thanks to a landslide I’ve had to pick out a new route. My new route via (sort of) West End… Read more →


TIMELAPSE ANIMATION – pool side chill 2, originally uploaded by DragonDrop. I’ve uploaded a few more bits from our holiday.. (yet more to follow) We did a bunch of time lapse shoots – where you leave the camera to shoot every 15 mins (or 10 seconds) for a set period of time,then put them all together. Some results that I’m… Read more →

no title

six sevenths, originally uploaded by DragonDrop. My bestest buddy Simon (aka Vapour Trail – 4th from left) decided to get married and ask me to be his best man. The ‘pipe dream’ was Ibiza – get a nice villa and a bunch of top boys together. Nearly aborted the plan and go for a more local option but I’m so… Read more →