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My bestest buddy Simon (aka Vapour Trail – 4th from left) decided to get married and ask me to be his best man. The ‘pipe dream’ was Ibiza – get a nice villa and a bunch of top boys together. Nearly aborted the plan and go for a more local option but I’m so glad we didn’t. We all had a fantastic time.

The villa was superb – HUGE grounds – a converted farm I’d guess. Great pool with a view, loads of space. We hired a car and did a good tour of the island, taking in some of it’s fine beaches and views.

Of course any trip to Ibiza would not be complete without a./ sunset beers on the sunset strip (tick – Cafe Mambo on Thursday – great burgers!) b./ going to one of the world famous clubs to watch a celebrity DJ (tick, Pete Tong, Pacha Friday Night) c./ going to a really good restaurant (tick – Es Boldado, one of the best in Ibiza overlooking Es Vedra near Cala D’Hort – a superb fish eating house!) d./ enjoying the sun by the pool / beach (tick, tick) and generally having a top time with amigos (pictured above – a MASSIVE tick there!)

Shame its all over really. I’ve got a whole bunch of photos and video that I’ll be sticking up at some point. Watch this space! The only downside is that due to being given the wrong type of replacement sim card by T-effing-Mobile, I was without phone for the whole trip.. was looking forward to som pic mo blogging.

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