Weekend on’t tod

Eirene was away in London for the weekend so I was Han Solo Dad. Got into a superb graphic novel called “Y the Last Man” I finished the first book on Friday and has to go back to the comic shop to get the next couple of issues – Destination Venus (Westminster Arcade, Harrogate) is a superb shop, thousands of old school comics – DC, Marvel that sort of thing as well as a top array of edgy gritty graphic novels (right up my street) – why I have not discovered it before now is beyond me –

On Saturday, teamed up with some others and went to the Tockwith Show at the Great Yorkshire Show ground. Poor organisers – not only was the first venue flooded out (hence the move to the GYS ground) but a foot and mouth scare hit – so all the cattle, sheep and pigs had to stay at home! The kids got to play on loads of stuff though and we got to see some vintage tractors though. The chicken, rabbit and pigeon tent was quite fascinating. There were some incredible freaky looking specimens in there. Rare breed I’m sure but to a rank armature like me, it was a spectacle of odd looking animals. Some of the rabbits were purpose built to make all women and children go squeaky.

Yesterday – drank American beer in the sun, cooked a big Sunday roast to welcome Eirene home. She had a top time in that London.

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