Well – back from Ireland now. Fantastic time was had by all. Spent 6 days on a boat called Bernadette 4 cruising up the Shannon. Started out in Athlone, on the first day we pootled up through Lough Ree and stayed near Termonbarry on the first night. Up through some lovely waterways, Loughs and Locks into Carrick-on-Shannon and onto Lough Key for our third night. Hung around there in the forest, fished (caught nowt) and then spent the next 2 days pootling back down to Athlone.
A whole week without computers, telly, news and very limited phone (was saving it for emergency power). A lot of thinking time (once did a 7 hour steering marathon) and loads of family time. Photos to follow..

Ploughed through a fantastic book called The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini. It’s an at times brutally realistic father and son story based mainly in Afghanistan. It’s hard to get a ‘real’ account of some places – a well written novel is perhaps one of the best ways of getting to know a place without actually going there. Hosseini didn’t disappoint.

Flew back in on Sunday night, went out to Moko Lounge and had a superbly fun night. Ended up catching up with loads of friends. A total contrast to the chill of the still on the Shannon.

Watched the cricket on Monday. England beat India, looking good! touch wood.

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