Ireland pics

Finally stuck up my pics from our recent trip to Ireland. Took some lovely shots, including this one of Sophie, underwater at Hodson Bay Hotel swimming pool. Just before I got told “No camera’s in here Sir!”

Lovely weekend – Saturday, we went to Runswick Bay which has just been called the best beachcomber beach in the country .. (there’s a best thing found competition with prizes here if you’re interested!)
Lovely place. We spent a couple of hours wandering up the beach, proding and poking about in rock pools. Handing Sophie things (whilst she was in the baby back pack on my back) was fun. Until she found that tapping the back of my head with stones was a good game 😉
Yesterday, we had a full on pajama day. I cooked a lovely Spanish Stew with saffron rice, which was super yummy and we watched a couple of films. Anyhoo.. work to do.

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