Tapas the salt

Fun packed weekend. On Friday, we went out for a friends birthday meal. La Tasca. Really nice Tapas. Last time I went in there I came away thinking it was a bit too oily, but this time, really enjoyed the fodder. After that we headed down to the Retro bar for a bit before having an impromptu after party at ours.

Saturday we indulged ourselves to a recovery morning, I popped into town then cooked a Spanish pork casserole with saffron rice, one of them dishes that gets eaten all up by everyone. Saturday evening – we’d been invited to another friends birthday, a Murder Mystery night “The Campaign Murder”. A very well orchestrated game indeed, only slightly thwarted by some genuine illnesses. My character (that I had to dress up for) was Terence Shrimp “An East End boy whose success as a photographer has taken him into the most fashionable social circles” Much fun indeed. Eirene ended up guessing the murderer. Well done her!

Sunday, we went round to a friends for Sunday dinner. Steve T and I conducted some extensive, but by no means exhausted research into “what’s the best bottled lager you can buy” We put 5 beers up against each other, and scored them on factors such as price (a complicated equation to do with price per litre minus-ed from £5), character, presentation, taste and percentage. I will be writing up the notes of said research, later today / tomorrow (now I must crack on with some actual work)

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