0.25 year to Christmas

My birthday, marking 1/4 of a year till Christmas day yesterday, was lovely. A fairly chilled day really. Woke up to breakfast in bead thanks to Felix. I did REALLY well on the prezzy front. From Eirene and the kids I got something I’ve wanted for years – a Leatherman (a multi tool / modern day swiss army knife). I also got a chocolate fish and Jamie Olivers new cook book.

Birthday tea consisted off a take away from (what I currently believe to be Harrogate’s best Indian Restaurant) Rajput. Their Goa Chicken is supreme. Whilst filling out faces, we watched lost (on DVD). We’ve borrowed the 1st and 2nd series box set and we’re very addicted. Up to half way through season two now. I’ve heard season three just gets silly, yet someone else said it’s fantastic. Either way, no doubt we’ll watch it soon as we’re flying through season 2.

We’ve still got no telly feed into the house. Since Eirene said she wanted a month without telly for her birthday last February, we’ve still not had it reconnected. I’ve been stocking up (good ol’ ebay) on some cool dvd’s. Planet Earth box set, Blue Planet box set and microcosmos. Looks like this winter, we’ll mostly be watching nature programmes.

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