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thanks for all the people who’ve sponsored me – and thanks to all the people who have vouched.. please, could you click the sponsor page if you have – and part with some of your hard earned! (it’s an up-front sponsership sketch, rahter like sponsoring a donkey at your local donkey sanctuary.) Been a busy while (work wise) since I… Read more →

Movember quest

During Movember (the month formerly known as November) I’ll be growin’ a Mo (Moustache) to raise funds for The Prostate Cancer Charity. That’s right, I’m bringing the Mo back because I’m passionate about men’s health and the fight against prostate cancer. I’d love it, dear reader of DragonDrop if you would give a little back (or a lot) sponsor me*… Read more →

Groovy bridge walk

Day 26 – New Bridge, Birstwith, originally uploaded by DragonDrop. Apparently, this is a Pack Horse Bridge and it is the bridge which the monks used to cross whilst walking from Fountains Abbey to Bolton Abbey and vice versa. ‘Discovering’ this was the highlight of my weekend I think. Breathtakingly good day, set out for a short local walk near… Read more →

Classrooms at Grove Road School

Classrooms at Grove Road School, originally uploaded by DragonDrop. Went to parents evening this evening. All very glowing feedback. The boys done good. It’s such a nice school there. The staff are all so.. caring about each and every kid. They all seem so positive and enthused. Just the kind of place I want my kids to spend their formative… Read more →

Trollers Gill

Day 19 – TROLLERS GILL, originally uploaded by DragonDrop. Before I describe the Trollers Gill bit, a bit about what the weekend has shaped itself into..Friday – I did a ‘Dinner Party’ (I was calling it having some friends over for dinner, one of said friends called it a Dinner Party so I called it that as well) I did… Read more →

In Rainbows

It must be hard being as consistently original and cool as Radiohead are. Their new album, called ‘In Rainbows‘ released today, is the latest in a line of very unique pop. It’s a classic of tomorrow in the true sense of the word. Radiohead could, on the back of their huge, loyal yet fiercely underground fan base release an album… Read more →


Ordinance Survey map detail, originally uploaded by DragonDrop. Had a great weekend. Friday saw a very traditional ‘early doors’ with some old friends (ended up in the Tap and Spile – how old school is that?)On Saturday we went to see this place (featured in pic) – John of Gaunts Castle (site of) that I’d seen on an O.S. map… Read more →

Packed away summer

Packed away summer, originally uploaded by DragonDrop. I packed away my summer gear last night. How very organized of me. Sad to see it go, but will look forward to getting it out next year.

Simon’s Seat

A weekend packed with physical activity. On Saturday Felix and I hiked up Simon’s Seat in Wharfedale with some of Felix’s cub scout friends. Most of the hiking we’ve done recently, I’ve had Sophie on my back in her backpack. She’s getting quite heavy now, and it’s been good training – because I’ve got used to the weight, so going… Read more →