Simon’s Seat

A weekend packed with physical activity. On Saturday Felix and I hiked up Simon’s Seat in Wharfedale with some of Felix’s cub scout friends. Most of the hiking we’ve done recently, I’ve had Sophie on my back in her backpack. She’s getting quite heavy now, and it’s been good training – because I’ve got used to the weight, so going somewhere without her was easy! The weather was perfect – just cool enough so that we didn’t boil up, but clear so we got the views and no rain or wind made it a really plesent day. Got home, hot bath and Harry Potter DVD.
Sunday – I took part in a disk golf tornament (pic below). This was fun. After this we popped into town for “a quick one” which turned into a quick few before heading up to a friends house where all our troups were for some lovely food and a play with the kids. Got told off for playing cricket in the street with a tennis ball! This wound us all up. The fellas argument was “tennis balls can pick up bits of grit, if these hit a car the car might get a scratch”. I’d tried to suggest to said fella that perhaps living in the suberbs was a silly place to live if he didn’t like kids playing outside his house. Anyway.. some people! Apart from that slight marr, we had a top day.
Now at work, feeling quite stiff and sore from the weekends activity!

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