In Rainbows

It must be hard being as consistently original and cool as Radiohead are. Their new album, called ‘In Rainbows‘ released today, is the latest in a line of very unique pop. It’s a classic of tomorrow in the true sense of the word. Radiohead could, on the back of their huge, loyal yet fiercely underground fan base release an album without any hype and it would sell. Sales do not seem to be the driver here at all, so much so that you can’t buy it in the shops. It all seems very ‘anti sales’ in it’s pitch to market. The website is the only place you can get it (yea, you and millions of myspacers I hear you cry) but they’ve gone about it in a very considered poke in the eye to the music manufacturing industry kind of way, by offering it at a value of the lister’s discretion. For a download, you could put zero pounds. I put a tenner.
They seem to be actively encouraging the download by making it a commercial ‘no brainer’ as the hard copy is 40 pounds sterling and you have to wait another few weeks to get it. Will the box version have all the CDi vanden plas extras on it? you know, DVD’s, picture booklet, interviews, hidden tracks and the such..? who knows. It’s way more of a statement if it didn’t.
After my first listen through (on laptop speakers unfortunately) I like. 4 stars with room for growth. It seems to come together in the last 3 tracks. I’m now looking forward to listening to it on decent headphones for the one on one intimate experience. I’m especially looking forward to listening out for the subtle nuances of the production – which is another one of those unique edges to Radiohead that I’ve always loved.

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