Trollers Gill

Day 19 – TROLLERS GILL, originally uploaded by DragonDrop.

Before I describe the Trollers Gill bit, a bit about what the weekend has shaped itself into..
Friday – I did a ‘Dinner Party’ (I was calling it having some friends over for dinner, one of said friends called it a Dinner Party so I called it that as well) I did Beef Wellington (slightly cheated there – got them in from Jamie Pitt Butchers in Earby – top top quality) with Potato Dauphinois and steamed green beans & asparagus with a very rich red wine gravy. Top tucker.
Saturday, I played a couple of rounds of disk golf, equaled my personal best of 34 so quite a good result. Eirene went out with a frend for the afternoon and evening so I got to play the part of Han Solo dad. Lovely afternoon – an old friend came over and we played backgammon and drank ale. A great evening.
So yea – today – a cool walk round Trollers Gill – home of the trolls (as legend would have it) and… the black dog.
A stunning bit of scenery, topped off with a heavenly sunset as we got back to the cars. Lovely bunch of friends came round with us, all had good time. Topped that lot of with a bit pile of fish and chips and the episode about caves from David Attenborough’s ‘Planet Earth’. A rather splendid weekend all round!

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