Groovy bridge walk

Apparently, this is a Pack Horse Bridge and it is the bridge which the monks used to cross whilst walking from Fountains Abbey to Bolton Abbey and vice versa. ‘Discovering’ this was the highlight of my weekend I think. Breathtakingly good day, set out for a short local walk near a village close to harrogate (Birstwith – map) . Lovely company and we were all in such good spirits. Came across this beautiful old pack bridge. Stunning. Quite happy with this photo – taken on my new camera phone – a Nokia N95. It’s ace.

After this we went round to some friends who’s youngest was celebrating his 7th birthday. Cake, wine, chattage, pass the parcel etc. Nice!

So yesterday we went to Monks Cross, water world for Felix’s birthday treat (it’s on Wednesday). Yesterday evening, I went out with a mate, ‘wetting the babies head’. It was carnage. A fair few Timmy Taylor’s landlords from 5pm onwards – by the time the Rugby was on in the pub, we were quite… well anyway!

One of those weekends that I wish was longer. It seemed to fly by.

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