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over £500

YES!!I’ts over the £500 marker! Big thanks to Adam W for the £40 and to Mike G for pushing me over the £500 marker – and thanks again to everyone who’s chipped in. For those that have promised and have not yet dug deep – now is the time. Nudge! So Today I’m Frank Zappa. The legendary psychedelic muso who… Read more →


The Mo is now worth £457 and has 73 owners. Marvelous. Thanks to everyone who’s chipped in for the very worth cause so far. It’s going to be sad at the end of the month when it’s all over, but at least I’ll know I’ve done something good 🙂 Great weekend. Friday – fairly chilled one – stayed in and… Read more →


Mogress, originally uploaded by DragonDrop. For those who’ve been asking – here is an update of how my Mo is doing.

over £400

My moustache has now raised over £400. I think there are some cheques clearing at the charity HQ as well so it could be more than that. Current sponsor tally is 68 We (Moustache and I) are very pleased. Special thanks to Ed this morning for the 50 Euro donation. So I’m sitting in bed, pottering on with bits of… Read more →

Here it is..

So a load of my moustaches sponsors, of which there are now 59 have been hassling me for a look at their tash. Well – here it is. I was holding out until I had something I could hold my head up high and say yes, that’s a tash ladies and gentlemen. (Still work in progress though – only 12… Read more →

54 sponsors

I’ve now got 54 sponsors. 54 separate people have coughed up between £2 and £30 for me to flourish a mo. Yes there will be a photo soon – I wanted to get it to a certain stage before I posted the first real ‘publicity shot’ with mo. It’s getting there though.. I had a balance issue this morning, my… Read more →


My Movember sponsorship is up to 49 donations now!Who will be my moustaches lucky 50th sponsor? It could be YOU:click this to go to my secure online sponsorship page

no title

Day 40 – Fireworks Triptich, originally uploaded by DragonDrop. A fireworks hattrick of a weekend. Much fun was had over the weekend. We’ve been attempting to ‘hibernate‘ till Christmas and so far have been failing unmiserably. Friday night we had some friends over for what started out being a game of scrabble, before long turned into a fair portion of… Read more →

movember the first

movember the first, originally uploaded by DragonDrop. So – tis November the first. Here’s me in the simulation Moustache website. I’ve started. Get sponsoring (please!)