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Day 40 – Fireworks Triptich, originally uploaded by DragonDrop.

A fireworks hattrick of a weekend.

Much fun was had over the weekend. We’ve been attempting to ‘hibernate‘ till Christmas and so far have been failing unmiserably.

Friday night we had some friends over for what started out being a game of scrabble, before long turned into a fair portion of alcohol, ended up with me setting off loads of fireworks in the back yard.

Saturday was spent having a very lazy day. Saturday night we went to the fireworks spectacular on the Stray in Harrogate. It was a really mild night which was nice. We hooked up with friends and trekked down en mass. Not as impressed as I have been in previous years – I think it was the one 4 years ago that topped them all. Non the less, it was an impressive display, only slightly marred by DJ mumble shouts from Stray FM. Choreographed to music. Sort of. Opening gambit of starwars, ending up with Land of Hope and Glory. I had to take my hat off. After that Eirene and I dropped the kids off with babysitters and went to a friends birthday and did drink and be merry. Again.

Sunday morning, A round of disk golf in superb near perfect disk golf weather conditions – high pressure, no wind clear and mild. Got round in 36, but was quite happy as I’ve sort of sorted my drive out finally. Touch wood. Sunday afternoon / evening – went to lovely friends who also have many kids and set off about 100 fireworks. The picture above was from the grand finale 55 in a box single light show firework. Amazing. Nice food then home for a rest-o-rama.

This morning… shaved a mo shape on my face…

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