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I’ve now got 54 sponsors. 54 separate people have coughed up between £2 and £30 for me to flourish a mo. Yes there will be a photo soon – I wanted to get it to a certain stage before I posted the first real ‘publicity shot’ with mo. It’s getting there though.. I had a balance issue this morning, my ‘blades’ as I like to refer to them as became misaligned. Some careful micro correction hopefully put them straight though. Thanks to everyone who’s sponsored, get clicking this if you haven’t!

Other than flourishing my opulent plumage over the weekend, we have been fairly chilled. Didn’t leave Harrogate. Went out for a birthday gathering on Friday night, stopped in and played a couple of games of scrabble with friends on Saturday and a windy round of disk golf yesterday followed by a slap up Sunday roast cooked by Eirene followed by the an obscene dessert, a stunning creation which Eirene made from a new ‘chocolate recipes’ book that I gave her on Friday (best money I’ve spent in a long time!)

Frost for the first time as we drove over the Pennines this morning. Cold but beautiful. Winter is around the corner.

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