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My moustache has now raised over £400. I think there are some cheques clearing at the charity HQ as well so it could be more than that. Current sponsor tally is 68 We (Moustache and I) are very pleased. Special thanks to Ed this morning for the 50 Euro donation.

So I’m sitting in bed, pottering on with bits of work and next door has just put on Mariah Carry (I think – pseudo heartfelt ‘love’ croon) at full blast. I’m not bothered about neighbors playing loud music (as long as they don’t mind me playing it occasionally) , I’m just worried that I’m living next door to someone who could tolerate this at full volume. Disturbed.

It’s video game season again! Settled down to some good gaming recently.. Had a great session on wii’s monkey balls with some friends on Thursday, followed by a round of Tiger Woods – the staying power of that game is supreme. Friday, played buzz on a friends Xbox – Eirene and I went round for dinner, the 4 of us ended up playing – not played that before – fantastic mock game show game. Yesterday, a bit of retail therapy – I got a super nice cashmere coat, we also got Mario Galaxy for the wii – proceeded to play this lots yesterday afternoon, 10 stars up. It’s incredible. Absolutely brilliant, the game plan, the plot, the 3d, but best of all is the mashed up gravity thing they have got going on. it’s a whole new level – again Nintendo have raised the bar. Also last night.. Eirene and I embarked on Lost season III. very exciting.

Anyway.. I’m off to cook a mahoosive Sunday dinner for 10 now. eek.

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