The Mo is now worth £457 and has 73 owners. Marvelous. Thanks to everyone who’s chipped in for the very worth cause so far. It’s going to be sad at the end of the month when it’s all over, but at least I’ll know I’ve done something good 🙂

Great weekend. Friday – fairly chilled one – stayed in and watched some more Lost. (Season 3). Soon we’ll of run out of lost all together which will be terrible.
Saturday was Ben’s stag do. Being a bit of a stag veteran this year (that’s the 4th I’ve been on:1 2 3 4) our mission was to break the stag. It took us till about 8am but we managed with colours. Brilliant fun. Went out for a couple of drinks and a meal, but the ‘main event’ was an afterparty we hosted at DragonDrop. Big screen wii action, carrom, music, fun and, half a shandy or two.
Chilled day on Sunday round at a friends house. They were very sympathetic to my poorly head. Yesterday had a day in Harrogate. Specifically bed, but I was working. Popped down to the hospital to speak to a diet consultant for Sophie – she’s on a trial programme of no milk or soya for 2 weeks to try and see if her exzma will go.

Anyway – It so feels like Monday today. I’d better crack on.

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