No stop

Non stop weekend has just been had after a fairly chilled week last week.
Friday night was party night. Went to a friends house – there were a bunch of lovely people there and we all had much fun. The next day I conscripted a bunch of said party goers to help me move my office from it’s town based location (as the landlord is hoofing us all out because he wants to do it up) back home. We were all feeling rather rough as you can imagine, and the compounded confusion that ensued as a result of complex furniture and stair combination was at times troublesome. Never the less, we loaded everything bar one shelving unit (couldn’t find an Allan Key) into the van that we’d hired and went back to my house. Filled the front room, much to the disgruntlement of the kids in their trying to watch a film. after that, a well deserved rest.
Sunday, Eirene and I went to a wedding. It was billed as a “no kids” type wedding so we got babysquishers. Poor Sophie decided to thrown up all over the table at cafe rouge, later Jaygo was violently sick just before bedtime. The evening babysitters asked us to come home, did that cleaned up sick, settled them down, later more sick then in the middle of the night, more sick from me. Yesterday I was wiped out with this apparent stomach bug all day. I’ve heard it’s ‘doing the rounds’ at the moment.

Today, I’m working from home.
Christmas is coming, really looking forward to it this year – I break up on Friday. yay!

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