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I'm sat here trying out my Christmas prezzy : a wireless bluetooth keyboard for my phone. It's ace. Blogging from the field. Hopefully there should be a photo with this post featuring the boys with a few of their toys they got. Jaygo has got a blue mouth because Santa in his wisdom got Jay some joke 'blue mouth sweets' which he decided to eat all of to himself. (got some funny looks at breakfast just now)

Arrived at a fantastic hotel yesterday afternoon (The Glenview Hotel in Co. Wicklow). The 'rellies' that we stayed with on the Sydney leg of our Australia trip (one of the first adventures to be covered by DragonDrop) back in 2003 are here. Also here are Eirene's nana, grandad and dad.

The boys woke up at about 5.30am to find that Santa has visited them during the night, they seem very chuffed with their selection of goodies! Sophie also likes her stuff, as does Eirene who got a new watch amongst a bunch of other stuff. As well as this fantastic foldaway full size qwerty keyboard thingy I got an Xmen hardback comic compendium, a leather bag, new jumper and a paint your own garden gnome kit!
Well I'm going to sign out for a bit, wishing you, dear reader, a very happy Christmas.

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