Pogged. Eaten so much and chilled to the max over the past couple of days. Spent a whole bunch of time chillaxing, which is what I'm doing now. Sophies come for her mid day nap at the moment so we're kicking back in our room (the wee'ns have a joining room). Done nowt but eat, drink, read, watch films, swim and hang out for the past couple of days. Pretty blissful existence!
Went for a drive this morning into Graystown on the coast in an attempt to find nappies. The whole place was shut. SatNav and four filling stations later I found some oversized nappies for Sophies bot bot.
Currently, Felix and Jay are in their room, Sophie is just about to go for her afor mentioned mid day nap and a muppet movie is on the telly.
We've never really gone for hotel based chillaxing before but I can see the appeal. Just a tad worried that at the end of it all, real life is going to feel like when you let the water out in the bath before you get out.. all of a sudden you notice how heavy everything feels. Still, whilst I'm still in the bath, it's worth appreciating to the max. Right.. where did I put my book…?

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