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0.25 year to Christmas

My birthday, marking 1/4 of a year till Christmas day yesterday, was lovely. A fairly chilled day really. Woke up to breakfast in bead thanks to Felix. I did REALLY well on the prezzy front. From Eirene and the kids I got something I’ve wanted for years – a Leatherman (a multi tool / modern day swiss army knife). I… Read more →

Bottled Lager review

The (first) DragonDrop Bottled Lager review. conducted 23rd Sept 2007 Judges : Matt W, Steve T. NB: We acknowledge that this is by no means exhaustive research See our research here Conclusion / Result summary : Conclusion / Result summary : 1 – Leffe blonde2 – Herold 3 – Cusquena Whilst Leffe blonde was the overall winner, we decided that… Read more →

Tapas the salt

Fun packed weekend. On Friday, we went out for a friends birthday meal. La Tasca. Really nice Tapas. Last time I went in there I came away thinking it was a bit too oily, but this time, really enjoyed the fodder. After that we headed down to the Retro bar for a bit before having an impromptu after party at… Read more →


Avast me hearties, it be talk like a pirate day today here be some info….

Random bits of music

Knievil at the Blues bar, originally uploaded by DragonDrop. This is what the blues bar was made for. Went out for a couple of britneys and a ruby last night. Apres curry, we popped in to see a band from Leeds called Redwood Thinkers at Milans. The were very easy on the ear. Great harmonies. A bit Cranberries meets Iron… Read more →

Ireland pics

Finally stuck up my pics from our recent trip to Ireland. Took some lovely shots, including this one of Sophie, underwater at Hodson Bay Hotel swimming pool. Just before I got told “No camera’s in here Sir!” Click here to visit the ‘Athlone to Lough Kee and back again’ set of photos. Lovely weekend – Saturday, we went to Runswick… Read more →


Well – back from Ireland now. Fantastic time was had by all. Spent 6 days on a boat called Bernadette 4 cruising up the Shannon. Started out in Athlone, on the first day we pootled up through Lough Ree and stayed near Termonbarry on the first night. Up through some lovely waterways, Loughs and Locks into Carrick-on-Shannon and onto Lough… Read more →

In Athlone, in the midle of Ireland

In Athlone, in the midle of Ireland, originally uploaded by DragonDrop. We are going to be pootling up the Shannon’s lakes etc for the next week. Just got here and got the boat sorted out. Bit of shore leave to get provisions and have a crafty pint of the black stuff.

Spiers House

Cracking weekend. Went up to Spiers House campsite in the North Riding Forest again. Went with some friends of ours who have the same shaped family as ours. Ended up stopping up for a bit on Friday night, Saturday we went for an epic walk across the moors and country lanes. Picnicked by a river then let the kids fill… Read more →

Weekend on’t tod

Eirene was away in London for the weekend so I was Han Solo Dad. Got into a superb graphic novel called “Y the Last Man” I finished the first book on Friday and has to go back to the comic shop to get the next couple of issues – Destination Venus (Westminster Arcade, Harrogate) is a superb shop, thousands of… Read more →

Cheeze fest

Multiple cheese, originally uploaded by DragonDrop. for those who were there (pictured above) I’ve stuck the photos I took at Dave and Holly’s wedding in a set : Dave and Holly get hitched!


Jamiesan has taken a DragonDrop shirt to new heights. 3,776 M to be precise at the top of Mount Fuji in Japan. This will take some topping. Adventure Shirt here to visit the gallery