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Toys!, originally uploaded by DragonDrop. I’ve uploaded the FIRE christmas spesh photos here:

Weird in between bit

It’s that weird in between bit. Christmas day seems like ages ago. I’m back at work for the day today. It’s quiet. Christmas day was ace. I cooked a goose amongst other things for the family and we exchanged some great gifts. Santa was good. I got some Sabatier kitchen knifes which are tops. FIRE was a success. I was… Read more →

Gothic Culture who live off Ice Cream

So a few things of interest happened last night. 1./ I went out flyering and postering. I’m rather hoping that the fantom “rip down all of Katana’s posters” dosen’t strike. dropped off posters and flyers in several strategic locations. 2./ Went to the Blues Bar. Dan Webster was doing his ‘looping thing’ . It’s is fascinating to watch – I… Read more →

Yule log

Anyone up for a party? We’re chucking another Yule Log on it. Christmas Jumpers for goal posts. . .It’s..

Man flu

Been off with Man Flu for the day. Had an eye infection type thing going on as well so went to the opticians and he told me it was nowt serious and then fitted me out with new glasses see. Anyhoo. Enough of me winging. Lucozade, Tylonol, Chicken soup and next a garlicy chili based curry is on the cards…. Read more →

dragon drop

OMG! Was doing a little research in google analytics and noticed I had a massive spike in traffic for people looking for “dragon drop” – not “DragonDrop” or similar. So I dug a little further and found this thing what they were looking for – I found it! OMG! Watch and See! I just went to metal dragons and…STEEL DRAGON… Read more →


So there’s one that I’ve missed in between the photos below and one that comes after these (from Kenya – looking forward to seeing that) Getting some more DragonDrop Adventure Shirt made up soon – if anyone’s going on a worthy / cool / funny / exciting / big / bogus adventure, let me know:) You may get a free… Read more →

Tim in Germany

Then there’s this one of Tim. He was on tour with FWF round YouRope. He’s in Leipzig Germany here stood in from of something that was “bloody big” and “at night”. This man put the poop in Europe.

Dan in Bangkok

DSC_00350001, originally uploaded by Ashen. Then there’s Ashen at Wat Arun in Bangkok. That pointy pyramid shape they have going on is incredible – so much so, it’s moved the person in the background to give one a big cuddle.

no title

Sat here on the last day of my holiday. Holiday from the Lancashire based job, back into my old life job of working from home and doing bits and bobs. It’s been lovely. Missed it really. The freedom to do stuff when I want and the freedom to do things the way I want them. We’re sat here at my… Read more →


Popped down to London for the weekend with Felix. Got the train down last night and so far today have had a Simon Spesh fry up that’s set us up nicely for a day of fun and activity. Going to the Science Museum – a fantastic place. Looking forward to a re-visit. Also hoping to go to Hamleys, the worlds… Read more →