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1 week

A week has passed since my last blog. Got a few things stored up in the old cerebral vortex that I need to brain-dump.Stylophones. Who remembers them? Rolf Harris was randomly the face behind this non Antipodean musical phenomenon, weedling them into their permanent place in the halls of musica obscura fame. I got given one. A belated Christmas prezzy… Read more →

Catcher in the Rye

Just finished reading The Catcher in the Rye by J.D. Salinger. A random purchase, purely on the back of needing a new book, and it was the only one that ASDA had that appealed at the time. I quite like the idea of reading ‘classics’ every now and then.I had no pre fixed expectations of this book, I knew nothing… Read more →

no title

The Tempest Arms, originally uploaded by DragonDrop. It’s blummin wet. I bailed from work early today to make sure I could get home. My commute route had loads of flooding and standing water and one stretch (near blubberhouses) was only just passable (and the police were there , no doubt assessing safety / should they block it or not) I… Read more →

Shirt flurry

A flurry of DragonDrop adventure shirt shot submissions! Cambodia, Hong Kong, Malasia and Korea. Good adventuring! Thanks Jamie, Nick and Sarah for sending those in. That’s now 33 dots on the map… Where next I wonder..

Half of a Yellow Sun

Just finished reading Half of a Yellow Sun by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. A superb novel. This won the 2007 Orange prize for fiction. It’s the second book I’ve read that holds this titled (the other being Small Island) Half of a Yellow sun is set in Nigeria in the 1960’s. A volatile period of African history. As well as enjoying… Read more →

Closed Pandora’s box

It’s a sad day for UK music consumption today. Pandora has been shut down in the UK.Pandora is/was a fantastic site that allowed you to ‘create your own radio station’ based on your music preferences and those of others using the music genome prject (a complex mathematical algorithm that organises hundreds of types of attributes through millions of songs). It’s… Read more →

no title

365 days : day 73 to day 108, originally uploaded by DragonDrop. Following the theme of ‘oh look, 36 photos makes a nice 6×6 block, here is the latest block of photos in my 365 day project (where I’m trying to take a photo every day for a year) – day 73 to day 108..1. Day 73 – Chinese Lunch,… Read more →

no title

North Yorkshire Police 0, DragonDrop 1, originally uploaded by DragonDrop. This morning I presented this image (with 2 others from different angles) as part of case for my own defense (self representation) over a parking fine I disputed. The fine of £30 was given to me for obstructive parking. I questioned the reason it was obstruction, and this has still… Read more →

no title

Dino watch, originally uploaded by DragonDrop. Had some relly’s visiting this weekend. Eirene’s cousin and his family – from Australia. We stayed with them when we went to Australia back in 2002. It was great hanging out with them. We managed to cram in quite a lot into the weekend. Disk golf followed by Fountains Abbey, followed by Joe Riggatoni’s… Read more →

We’re Hiring!

Hiring!I’m looking for a number of people to work with me on a 3 month web project from around the end of Feb. From ‘entry level’ web head (basic html, css and Dreamweaver skills) to more advanced (javascript / xml). It’s over near Skipton for 3 months. Own transport preferable although car sharing from Harrogate an option. Drop me a… Read more →

Hello 2007

It’s the first day of the new year. 07 has been great. I’ve just been going back through the archives.. crammed a lot in! Some ace adventures, highlights include;Trip to London with Jaygo.The Nintendo WiiSophie’s first birthday weekenderTrip #1 to Ireland where we had the whole pool to ourselvesNewby HallHeadingley even though it rained all daySimon’s stag do in Ibiza… Read more →