Hello 2007

It’s the first day of the new year. 07 has been great. I’ve just been going back through the archives.. crammed a lot in! Some ace adventures, highlights include;
Trip to London with Jaygo.
The Nintendo Wii
Sophie’s first birthday weekender
Trip #1 to Ireland where we had the whole pool to ourselves
Newby Hall

even though it rained all day
Simon’s stag do in Ibiza Where 7 of us chilled and partied in a fantastic villa for 5 days that flew by like they were 5 minutes.
Mandy & Evi’s wedding in Ibiza, the ceremony, the food, but best bit for me, the afternoon on big speedboats
Dave’s stag do at a country pile in Scotland. That was when I has the Lexus IS 220d with the Mark Levison sound system, the best sound system I’ve ever come across.
Dave and Holly get hitched – lovely.
Sherwood Forest
Thornborough Festival. Top grade fun.
Ireland trip #2 where we cruised up the Shannon for a week.
The Northern Didgeridoo festival
Getting a projector
Being best man for best mate, Simon and Carolines wedding at Ripley Castle
Movember – where I raised £570.10 for charity
Ireland trip #3 where we had a lovely Christmas in Wicklow.

As well as the above, countless parties, bbq’s nights out, nights in, days out, walking and taking photos of the world around me. Made some new friends, ran deep with old friends and had a fantastic year.

Top top it all off, we had a NYE celebration last night at ours. Perfecto. Lovely bunch of people, fridge crammed with beer, and a fire in the back yard. We really got our monies worth out of 2007. If this year brings us even a fraction of the fun and happiness we’ve had out of ’07 then we’re in for a good one.

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