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Had some relly’s visiting this weekend. Eirene’s cousin and his family – from Australia. We stayed with them when we went to Australia back in 2002. It was great hanging out with them. We managed to cram in quite a lot into the weekend. Disk golf followed by Fountains Abbey, followed by Joe Riggatoni’s for some food. Sunday, we went to the Abundant Life Church in Bradford with them. (They go to the Sydney ALC). I was impressed with the top of the range, perhaps overkill AV kit they were using (I totted up easily quarter million quids work of kit on the grid and stage, didn’t get a nose at the desks, but they looked top drawer as well.. shame the sound was a bit muddy) – full band, soft edge projection, 3 cam crew, etc etc, incredible room, bristling with tech. I wasn’t that impressed with the 40 minute pitch on what standing orders are and why I should be setting one up to a Church I was just visiting.. Anyway.. That church is certainly prospering, no two ways about it.

Anyway after that we went to the National Media Museum. This was great, but not as big as I remember! the pic above, shows their kids and ours, in a blue screen studio. Top fun.

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