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This morning I presented this image (with 2 others from different angles) as part of case for my own defense (self representation) over a parking fine I disputed. The fine of £30 was given to me for obstructive parking. I questioned the reason it was obstruction, and this has still not been answered. I checked with my neighbor who’s house I was parked out the back of (pic) that it wasn’t him I was obstructing, there are no entrances opposite, there is enough room to get a lorry down the street – stoopid!

I’d sent polite requests for further clarification, their response was along the lines of “Now it’s a £45 fine”. To cut a long story short, I refused to pay on principal, and a warrant was issued for my arrest. Fine thought I, If you want to waste time and resource and drag it through the courts, so be it – the silly system could not answer the initial request for further clarification – in fact I’m still waiting for that.

It was a police issued ticket – very strange that they would do that. I still don’t understand. My initial reaction was that it was a friend doing a prank, but no. A genuine ticket had been issued.

Anyway – I pitched my case to the Magistrates, and they dropped all charges etc.

North Yorkshire Police 0, DragonDrop 1

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