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A week has passed since my last blog. Got a few things stored up in the old cerebral vortex that I need to brain-dump.
Stylophones. Who remembers them? Rolf Harris was randomly the face behind this non Antipodean musical phenomenon, weedling them into their permanent place in the halls of musica obscura fame. I got given one. A belated Christmas prezzy from Fi (thanks to firebox’s logistical mismanagement). A fantastic thing. I’m loving it.
Reading – I’ve read a whole big book in less than a week (well done me, awards self, 1 x lollipop) – I’ll come onto that more in a separate blog post.

Friday, watched a fantastic film; the new Coen Brothers future classic : No Country for Old Men (official website). When I hear of a good film that I intend to watch, I try and observe a media black out on the subject. If I see reviews, I’ll not read them, if friends start to tell me about it, I tell them to shush it. My only pre conceptions were that it was a gritty western styled thing and that it was by the Coen brothers latest release.

A great film. The cinematography was superb – atmospheric is not the word. Incredible landscape portrayal with a style of it’s own. As my friend paintMonkey put it “It’s like a whole film shot in lomograph style” The lack of sound track makes the film feel so real – a very nice touch. Some fairly brutal deaths, some stunning chase, brilliant characters. A proper 5 star boys film.

That was Thursday nights entertainment. Friday, I sat in the Blues Bar for half an afternoon. Something I’ve not done in ages, but one of my favorite activities in the whole world. Saturday – duvet day, Sunday, A round of disk golf in stupidly high winds, followed by Mexican at J&H’s house. All in all a great week. Let’s see how this one pans out!

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