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Ten lads a leaping

Ten lads a leaping, originally uploaded by DragonDrop. 10 lads a leaping – and why not… it’s Leap year day today.


So I’ve chucked up a bunch of photos from our short visit to Barcelona. Stripped down to 42 in total out of, as I mentioned earlier, zillions. Click here to visit the photo set>> What an incredible place it is. The archetecture and design blew me away the most. Loved the city so much. We were so lucky with our… Read more →

We’re in Barcalona

Our lunchtime view – Park Guell, Barcelona Two days ago I was in minus 5 degree Yorkshire. Now basking in the sun. It’s (DragonDrop) T-Shirt weather. Clear blue skies above us as we sit in a little cafe at the foot of Park Guell, Barcelona. Green parrots chirping overhead, mixed with the sound of a jazz band floating from the… Read more →

Adventure Eve

So yea – it’s Adventure eve. All sorted (well, cameras on charge, clothes nearly dried) and conceptually packed. Theoretically, almost ready to go. A good few days since last bloggage. I’ve experienced proper job satisfaction for the first time in ages. I’ve been really getting into and enjoying work. I’ve had a good man leave my work about a week… Read more →

Day 365 project: Days 109 – 144.

Day 365 project: Days 109 – 144., originally uploaded by DragonDrop. So I’m 145 days into taking at least one photo per day for a year project. I’m quite pleased that I’ve not missed a day yet. Here’s the latest installment: Days 109 – 144. See the full set here. 1. Day 109 – garden of many things, 2. Day… Read more →


Day 144 – Eirene, originally uploaded by DragonDrop. Here’s a piccy of Eirene speaking at the Optibus event. What a fantastic night that was. (more pics here) Doors opened at 7, by 8 the place had filled up nicely. Great atmosphere. Early doors Leonie blew me away with her fantastic bag of songs. Then Eirene did some ace poems to… Read more →

Mister Pip

Mister Pip by Lloyd Jones. I’m very fond of a book that takes you to a different place. The book itself is set in Bougainville (map) in the North Solomons (pics) a lush tropical island on the other side of the world from the cold coat of winter in the UK. A magnificent thing about this book is it’s use… Read more →

Big nowt

Big Nothing indeed. I’ve been a big fan of the Simon Pegg’s work for years now. It’s the first thing I’ve seen with him in that I’ve not liked. It seems that he’s got a natural gravitation to all things good (or perhaps it’s the other way round). In the late 90’s he was in the cult classics, ‘Spaced’ and… Read more →

Burning heather

Burning the Heather Burning the heather, originally uploaded by DragonDrop. So this was a lovely moment at the end of a walk we did on Sunday, over Kexgill Moor near Blubberhouses, Yorkshire – a fantastic expanse of old moorland. They were burning the heather – always a fascinating sight when you’re up on’t moors. We went on this walk, which… Read more →

We had friends for dinner

Lovely weekend – Friday, we had friends round for dinner. (always makes me laugh that phrase) To clarify, we ate a Spanish pork casserole that I cooked with Saffron rice, in the company of some friends. This turned into quite a late one, so by Saturday, after a bimble through town with the kids, we were fighting fit for nowt… Read more →


So Eirene is spearheading a new campaign to raise money for kids in Bangladesh, suffering with cataracts. It’s only started coming together in the last couple of weeks. There are two main activities. #1, she’s shaving her head. She’s looking for sponsors, please optibus[at] with pledges. She’s doing that on the 15th (her birthday) I have to say, I hate… Read more →

Adam Siemiatkowski 1982 – 2008

Adam Siemiatkowski (Right) 1982 – 2008 A friend died this week. Only 25 years old. I don’t know the full ins and outs, which ever way – he’s gone. I just found out about it tonight. When we knew him, he lived next door. He was once of the lovely polish people. We spent many a happy, often vodka fuelled… Read more →