Adam Siemiatkowski 1982 – 2008

Adam Siemiatkowski (Right) 1982 – 2008

A friend died this week. Only 25 years old. I don’t know the full ins and outs, which ever way – he’s gone. I just found out about it tonight. When we knew him, he lived next door. He was once of the lovely polish people. We spent many a happy, often vodka fuelled evenings sitting out in our back yards during the hot hot summer of 2006. Loads of fond memories of the chap. He was such a top guy. Salt of the earth. I remember when I decided to throw a big back yard party that summer and Adam volunteered to help – he worked his back off for the day, helping me sort out the back yards and doing tip runs with me. I remember his humour and miss it. Always guaranteed fun and laughter when Adam was around. I remember one blisteringly hot day, he was sprawled out in their back yard, in the heavy lull of a quiet Saturday summer afternoon, (nursing a hangover from a night before) and blasting him with a pump action water pistol through the fence – huge water fight ensued… It lasted several days. I’d opened the practical joke side of Adam and there was no escape from the bucket of water that eventually caught up with me.
I guess I only saw the fun loving side of Adam, but one other thing that stands out for me was his innocent fascination with the world; If I was to tell a story, his eyes and expression were genuinely transfixed on every word.
Funny thing is, last Tuesday on my way to work, Skipton Road was blocked. Snippets of Stray FM told me the body of a young man had been found. I’d got up early especially to get in a bit early that day. I had to divert round Jennyfields then Killinghall to get back on track. I was still late. (I guess he had the last laugh there)
I am truly saddened by his loss. He will be missed. I believe his funeral is in Poland next Wednesday.

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    Only the good die young.

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