So Eirene is spearheading a new campaign to raise money for kids in Bangladesh, suffering with cataracts. It’s only started coming together in the last couple of weeks. There are two main activities. #1, she’s shaving her head. She’s looking for sponsors, please optibus[at] with pledges. She’s doing that on the 15th (her birthday) I have to say, I hate the idea of her doing that, but, it’s for a good cause and there’s no talking her out of it!
The second idea I’m really into. It’s a gig, innit! Me and Dharma will be doing choons, along with Mark n Vicki (Dead Man’s Shoes) & Leonie. Poetry from Eirene and friends will also feature. The Raffle (tickets available from Wednesday, contact optibus[at] to find out how to get hold of them) has some incredible prizes (see poster). It’ll be £2 on the door, and before you ask… No Guestlist! Even I’m going to pay to get in! (£2 and it includes a free raffle ticket)

So yea. There we have it.

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